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Peripheral Artery Disease Tied to HIV

Individuals with HIV experience an increased incidence of de novo, subclinical peripheral artery disease (PAD), according to findings published in AIDS. Moisés Alberto Suárez Zdunek, BS, and colleagues conducted a prospective,...

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Cancer-Related Mortality Higher With HIV

Mortality rates after the development of cancer are higher among people with HIV, according to study results published in AIDS. Qianlai Luo, PhD, and colleagues examined registry data to identify incident cancers and deaths...

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Q & A WITH DR. MEDLAW Liability in Your Office

When you work at your office, you are wearing two legal hats: physician and business owner. Failure to meet your medical duty to a patient carries liability for professional negligence, while a failure to keep your premises safe...

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How to Navigate a Patient’s Right to Die

In the United States, patients frequently die under the care of strangers in an impersonal hospital setting, surrounded by noisy machines—a far cry from the comforts of home and being surrounded by loved ones. Medical-assisted...

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