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How to Gain Your Patients’ Trust

Physicians are charged with the tremendous responsibility of caring for patients. Within this dynamic, patients believe that physicians will act within the best interest of their health and will uphold patient privacy. The...

COVID-19 Vaccination Safe in Patients With Dravet Syndrome

“Patients with neurological conditions can experience worse manifestations of COVID-19,” Danielle Andrade, MD, MSc, FRCPC, CSCN (EEG), explains. “Specifically, in patients with Dravet syndrome, seizures can be triggered by fever...

Access to Care Issues Higher in Adults With Epilepsy

Adults with active and inactive epilepsy are more likely to have Medicaid and other public insurance coverage, and to report an inability to afford prescription medicine, specialty care, or other types of care compared with...

Seizure-Related Emergency Visits Dropped Early in Pandemic

Early during the COVID-19 pandemic, seizure-related ED visits decreased and then almost returned to pre-pandemic levels for nearly all age groups by the end of 2020, according to research published in Morbidity and Mortality...

Q & A WITH DR. MEDLAW Liability in Your Office

When you work at your office, you are wearing two legal hats: physician and business owner. Failure to meet your medical duty to a patient carries liability for professional negligence, while a failure to keep your premises safe...



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