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Interview Strategies for Hiring Medical Staff

Turnover on a medical administrative staff can be devastating. Workflow is disrupted, tasks need to be retaught, and finding a good fit can be elusive. For this and many other reasons, you should have a clear plan in place for...

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Understanding Negligence

To err is human. Doctors are human. Doctors will therefore err, and doctors understand this. However, doctors want to know why their mistakes are called “negligence,” a term that insults their profession. The answer lies in a...

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The Wake of Grieving Caused by COVID-19

As tears silently rolled down my patient’s face, I could feel my own eyes grow moist. Holding back the tears that threatened to escape, I patted her hand and told her how sorry I felt. She just lost both parents to COVID, and...

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Justifying a Budget for Physician Wellness

Discussions of physician or healthcare professional wellness are often narrowly focused on personal resilience. However, physician wellness is directly correlated to patient quality and safety. In this context, burnout results...

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Aspirin Linked With Incident HF

For individuals at risk, aspirin use is associated with increased risk for incident HF, according to a study published in ESC Heart Failure. Blerim Mujaj, MD, Ph.D., and colleagues conducted a pooled analysis of data from a...

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