Managing Your Online Reputation

The secret to offset a negative review is to balance it out with a five-star review. If you only have one review, and it’s a negative one, there’s not much you can do about it. A better approach might be to ask 30 patients who...

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Real-World Biologic Use Reduces Asthma Exacerbations With a lack of data on the real-world effectiveness of biological therapies for treating severe asthma, particularly in subgroups of patients not included in randomized...

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A Tribute to the Pharmacist

This article originally appeared on and is written by Taison Bell, MD. Dear pharmacist, You just paged me and, I must admit, I’m not feeling excited to call back. I estimate that I probably get paged, called, texted,...

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New research was presented at ERS 2021, the virtual European Respiratory Society International Congress, from September 5-8. The features below highlight some of the studies presented via the online conference. Physical Training...

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Docs on a Plane: Obligations in In-Flight Emergencies?

It’s your first real vacation in 2 years and the cabin loudspeaker comes on: “Is there a doctor on board?” Now what? Ethically, if you can help, you should help, but there is no duty to an ill or injured passenger to compel your...

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