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Our Healthcare System May Be Failing, But It Isn’t Broken

I ’ve stood in front of conferences before and made my case: Our healthcare system is per- fect. “A perfect system? Ours?” I’ll hear people murmuring, “He’s a little bit crazy.” For decades, critics of the US healthcare system...

Antidepressant Use May Aid Outcomes in Diabetes

Regular antidepressant use is associated with a lower risk for diabetes complications among adults with depression and newly treated diabe- tes, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology...

Self-Management Programs for T2D Prove to Be Effective

Self-management programs have the potential to improve glycemic control, weight management, blood lipids, self-management behaviors, self- efficacy, and diabetes-related distress of people with T2D receiving insulin injection,...



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