Analyzing Serious Infections in Patients With Gout

Gout is the most common type of inflammatory arthritis in adults, and gout-related use of the emergency department or inpatient care has a significant cost burden, explains Jasvinder A. Singh, MBBS, MPH. “Studies show that the...

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Photographing Patients

As phones turned into cameras, HIPAA created national standards to protect a patient’s sensitive health information, including their image, from being disclosed without consent. We can capture anything easily…but are we allowed...

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Risk for Non-Vertebral Fracture in Gout Vs RA

Gout was associated with a modestly decreased risk for non-vertebral or hip fractures versus rheumatoid arthritis (RA), according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. However, nonvertebral fractures occurred...

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A Tribute to the Pharmacist

This article originally appeared on and is written by Taison Bell, MD. Dear pharmacist, You just paged me and, I must admit, I’m not feeling excited to call back. I estimate that I probably get paged, called, texted,...

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Video Evidence in Malpractice Cases

With the use of video on the rise in court cases, attor- neys are also more sophisticated about tapping into its influence. But the legal standards regarding rules of evidence about a video’s credibility and authenticity are...

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Differences Noted Between Early- & Late-Onset Gout

Dietary and clinical features, serum adipokine concentrations, and metabolites differ according to whether gout is early- or late-onset, according to a study published in Metabolites. The mech- anisms of gout may differ between...

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