EHRs Costly for Most Physicians

Most practices, especially smaller ones, do not appear to achieve positive returns on investment when adopting electronic health records (EHRs) with current meaningful use incentives alone. American researchers who surveyed...

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Do EMRs Make Documentation Too Easy?

There are many interesting unintended consequences of electronic medical records (EMRs). I was reminded of this by a recent blog I wrote about what interns really do when they are on call. According to a study from a VA hospital...

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Health IT: Patients Ready, Docs Lagging

Patients are well ahead of providers in demanding online access to health information (IT) and communication tools, according to a new survey. Consumers are eager to use both the internet and mobile devices to connect with their...

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10 Ways to Make EMR Meaningful and Useful

OK, I am an EMR geek who isn’t so thrilled with the direction of EMR.  So what, I have been asked, would make EMR something that is really meaningful?  What would be the things that would truly help, and not just make more hoops...

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Can EHRs Improve Diabetes Care?

Implementation of a commercially available electronic health record (EHR) appears to improve diabetes care and outcomes, according to results of an American investigation. Patients who were exposed to EHRs were significantly...

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