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Infectious Disease

The Placebo Effect

“He was unhappy to learn that I had prescribed a placebo, but when I told him it was an...

Terrible Chest Pains

“I think, if you loosen your belt a little, you won’t be experiencing those terrible chest...

Shiny Rocks

“Before Dr. Ogg treat you, need co-pay of ten shiny rocks.”  


“A major part of our healthcare initiative is check-ups, screenings and, of course,...

Pharmacist’s Reaction

“Don’t be alarmed by the pharmacist’s reaction when you show him this prescription.”...

Connect the Dots…

“I don’t know what these dots are…but ya mind if I connect ‘em?”...

Your Patients

“I hope he wasn’t one of your patients…”

Second Opinion

“No, I don’t need a  second opinion from  your smartphone.”

Like a Duck

“You look like a duck, you walk like a duck, you smell like a duck … I’m gonna...



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