Most Docs Practice Defensive Medicine

You may have missed this when it first appeared. Experts from Harvard and the University of Southern California say assumptions made by some analysts that defensive medicine is not an important facet of the high cost of...

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Time Spent on Unresolved Malpractice Claims

The average physician in the United States spends nearly 11% of a 40-year career with an unresolved, open malpractice claim, according to a study from American researchers. The authors recommend that malpractice reform efforts...

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The “Second Victims” in Nursing

Tears rolled down my face as I came across an article written 2 years ago. A veteran pediatric nurse took her own life several months after administering a fatal overdose of an electrolyte to an infant. After investigations and...

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Unnecessary Pre-Op Tests & Evidence-Based Guidelines

Another paper on the subject of unnecessary preoperative laboratory testing appeared not long ago. A group from the University of Texas Medical Branch looked at more than 73,000 elective hernia repairs in the National Surgical...

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Jury Duty? I’ll Gladly Serve

Not long ago, I was called for jury duty. Although I was busy, I consider jury duty to be part of my civic responsibility and I did not try to avoid it. Well, another reason is that in my state, it is just about impossible to...

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Why Malpractice Claims Take Forever To Be Resolved

Two recent papers have prompted me to ask myself the question, “Why do malpractice suits take so long to be resolved?” One was by a group from Harvard, USC and the RAND Corporation. They looked at more than 10,000 closed...

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