Mayaro virus (MAYV) manipulates cell machinery to successfully replicate. Thus, identifying host proteins implicated in MAYV replication represents an opportunity to discover potential antiviral targets. PIM kinases are enzymes that regulate essential cell functions and also appear to be critical factors in the replication of certain viruses. In this study we explored the consequences of PIM kinase inhibition in the replication of MAYV and other arboviruses. Cytopathic effects or viral titers in samples from MAYV-, Chikungunya-, Una- or Zika-infected cells treated with PIM kinase inhibitors were evaluated using an inverted microscope or plaque-forming assays. The expression of viral proteins E1 and nsP1 in MAYV-infected cells was assessed using an immunofluorescence confocal microscope or Western blot. Our results revealed that PIM kinase inhibition partially prevented MAYV-induced cell damage and also promoted a decrease in viral titers for MAYV, UNAV and ZIKV. The inhibitory effect of PIM kinase blocking was observed for each of the MAYV strains tested and also occurred as late as 8 h post infection (hpi). Finally, PIM kinase inhibition suppressed the expression of MAYV E1 and nsP1 proteins. Taken together, these findings suggest that PIM kinases could represent an antiviral target for MAYV and other arboviruses.