Cancer patients have been found to have a higher incidence of COVID-19 infection and are at an increased risk of severe life-threatening complications of the disease. Increased transmission and poorer outcomes noted in emerging data on cancer patients with COVID-19 calls for aggressive isolation and minimization of nosocomial exposure. Palliative care and oncology providers are posed with unique challenges with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tele-palliative care is the use of tele-health services to deliver palliative care to patients remotely using video conferencing, telephonic communication, or remote symptom monitoring. It offers great promise in addressing palliative and supportive care needs of patients with advanced cancer during the on-going pandemic. We discuss the case scenario of a 75 year old lady who is being initiated on second line chemotherapy to highlight how innovations in technology and tele-health based interventions can be used to address the patient’s palliative and supportive care needs in the on-going epidemic.