These “rules” are suggestions for clinicians who order chest computed tomography (CTs). The first three address CT scanning technique and the ordering details that we find cause the most confusion. The next three are on patient preparation, and specifically the use of sedation and anesthesia. Radiation risk is next, and we end with three, more philosophical, rules on how we can best work together as clinicians and imagers. This is not a complete or systematic review. You won’t find detailed references (or any references for that matter), descriptions of the latest techniques, or lists of sample protocols. We hope that the reader will consult his or her imaging colleagues when more specific guidance is needed. The goal of this article is to provide simple answers to frequently asked questions and to address some of the concerns that arise when deciding how to perform a chest CT scan in a child. These are the opinions of the authors, two pediatric radiologists with special interest in chest imaging and 50 years combined experience in working with clinical colleagues to provide the best imaging care for their patients. We hope that sharing these thoughts will help to decrease confusion and increase understanding to the benefit of the children we serve.
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