To determine the effect of lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5% on improving the tear film, biometry/keratometry, and refractive accuracy for dry eye patients scheduled for cataract surgery.
Multicenter, prospective, open-label study of 100 eyes of 100 patients undergoing cataract surgery who had a confirmed diagnosis of dry eye. Patients underwent biometry at baseline and again after a 28-day course of lifitegrast 5% BID. Primary outcome was an improvement in the accuracy of preoperative anterior corneal power measurements at predicting postoperative spherical equivalent (SE) pre- and post-lifitegrast treatment. Secondary outcomes included changes in dry eye symptoms and corneal staining.
The accuracy of the biometry readings for the achieved refractive SE: within 0.25 D in 47% and 50% of eyes before and after the initial lifitegrast treatment, respectively; within 0.5 D in 71% and 79% of eyes before and after the initial lifitegrast treatment; and within 0.75 D in 81% and 91% of eyes before and after the initial lifitegrast treatment (p < 0.04).
Lifitegrast 5% significantly improved preoperative corneal surface measurement accuracy in patients with confirmed dry eye who were scheduled for cataract surgery.

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