As a common symptom of perimenopausal period, perimenopausal insomnia brings great pain to many women and families. Acupuncture has been accepted by people as the incidence rate of this disease increases. The purpose of this study is to systematically compare the safety and efficacy of various acupuncture treatments for perimenopausal insomnia through network meta-analysis.
We will search Web of Science, PubMed, The Cochrane Library, Embase, Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wan Fang Date, VIP database, conference papers and grey literature. All relevant Randomized controlled trial (RCT) using acupuncture for perimenopausal insomnia will be included. Two reviewers will independently search and screen date. Network meta-analysis will be completed by Stata and WinBUGS software.
This study will compare the efficacy and safety of different acupuncture treatments for perimenopausal insomnia.
The result of this study will provide reliable evidence for evaluating the efficacy and safety of acupuncture in the treatment of perimenpausal insomnia.

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