The objective of this study was to review evidence on the effectiveness of vaccination in the prevention of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection at the cervix, anal, and oral.
Systematic review and meta-analysis.
The key search limitations are as follows: “Human Papilloma Virus”, “Papilloma Virus, Human” “Human Papillomavirus Virus”, “HPV” and “oral”, “anus”, “anal”, “penis”, “cervical,” and “vaccine”. Randomized controlled studies were searched and analyzed the risk ratio by Review Manager 5.3; funnel plot was adopted for publication bias analysis.
Five randomized controlled studies enrolling 13,686 participants were retrieved, analyzed, and showed that HPV vaccination can effectively block HPV infection at cervical, anal, and oral. Subgroup analysis, moreover, proved that HPV 16/18 is more effective than HPV 6/11/16/18 in preventing anal and oral infections.
HPV vaccine is efficacious in preventing HPV infection not only at cervical but also at anal and oral, as evidence supported by relevant studies.

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