To assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on OB/GYN providers.
A 49-item survey was distributed to OB/GYN providers through the websites and email listservs of professional OB/GYN organizations. The survey was open from June 22, 2020 through November 22, 2020. Out of 122 initiated surveys, 89 were completed (73.0% completion rate); 72 respondents answered at least one open-ended question and were included for qualitative analysis.
Providers reported policy changes, limited PPE availability, patient compliance with safety protocols and PPE use, staff shortages, and concerns about COVID-19 exposure as primary stressors related to the pandemic. Providers felt the pandemic had a negative professional impact on their relationships with patients and colleagues. Workplace and pandemic stressors resulted in feelings of anxiety and frustration; physical effects were also reported. Some respondents indicated they were considering early retirement or leaving the profession as a result of the pandemic, which suggests OB/GYN providers may be at increased risk for burnout.
The COVID-19 pandemic will have significant long-term effects on OB/GYN provider well-being and workforce retention. Proactive support for providers is needed to combat burnout and counteract workforce attrition. Implementing peer support programs that promote healthy emotional processing following adverse events may mitigate these feelings and reduce provider burnout.

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