As a community survey of people living with spinal cord injury in 22 countries, representing all six of WHO regions of the world, InSCI is one of a very few surveys that highlights, not only the basic medical issues, but also the impact of SCI on the everyday lives of people. As well, the InSCI survey is part of a much larger project called the Learning Health System for SCI Initative (LHS-SCI) which includes implementation phase. The objective of this paper is to highlight some on-going and planned next steps at the national and international levels. The implementation phase of the LHS-SCI initiative, beginning with the publications of primary results and extending until 2023, will use the results of the InSCI survey as evidence for implementation of recommendations for improving the societal response to the needs of persons with SCI at the national level. As illustration of the variety of implementation activities currently underway, we provide country examples from Australia, Morocco, Malaysia, and Germany show the diversity of approaches to the implementation of InSCI data. The implementation phase of the LHS-SCI initiative promises to usher in a new era of SCI research that, at both international and national levels and across settings from clinical practice, health systems management, and national policy, will be seamlessly linked to on-going and effective implementation actions.
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