Episode Segments:

Dr. MedLaw

FEATURE: Manslaughter Case of Long Island Doctor [Minute 18:06]
In early March, a doctor was accused of writing prescriptions for ‘massive quantities of opioids,’ and was indicted on murder charges in the first case of its kind in New York State. Bryant Reyes dives into the details with PW contributor Dr. Medlaw, board certified radiologist and medical malpractice attorney.

Christie A. Befort, PhD

Obesity in Rural Populations [Minute 1:28]
Rachel Giles, MD, talks with Christie A. Befort, PhD, Professor, Associate Director, Cancer Prevention and Control, KU Cancer Center about the higher prevalence of obesity and poor access to weight loss programs for rural populations.


Matthew Bitsko, PhD

Grief During the Pandemic [Minute 9:49]

In a year that noting was ‘normal,’ how do people cope with the loss of a loved one… Paul Smidt spoke with Matt Bitsko, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, about the psychological effect of COVID-19 on adults and children.