Egypt has a wide prevalence of Diabetes and chronic HCV infection. The relationship between diabetes and HCV is bidirectional and both have their impact on kidney. The aim is to study the exact diagnostic and prognostic significance of renal biopsy in Diabetic HCV-infected patients with renal disease.
In this cross-sectional study, we compared the clinical and histopathological characteristics of sixty-five patients all of them presented with evidence of kidney injury. The main study group included twenty patients who had DM and hepatitis c virus (DM-HCV); the other two groups were included as diseased control, twenty hepatitis c virus (HCV) patients, and twenty-five diabetic non-HCV patients (DM).
DM-HCV patients had a statistically significantly higher percentage of sclerosed glomeruli (Median Value of 44.5% versus 7% in DM and 7% in HCV). The tendency toward diffuse (20%) and global (75%) patterns of sclerosis as well as moderate to severe tubular atrophy (45%), moderate to severe interstitial fibrosis (55%) were reported in the DM-HCV group. Electron microscopic showed a significantly higher frequency of podocytopathies (70% in DM-HCV versus 12% in DM).
These results confirmed the diagnostic and prognostic significance of histopathological evaluation in guiding the management plan which cannot be replaced by just relying on clinical prediction.

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