Digital technologies are gradually integrating our orthodontic practices and retainers, often less considered compared to active devices, are also benefiting. The author will give in this article a brief presentation of the various current possibilities offered by the use of digital tools for carrying out and monitoring fixed or removable retention methods. The digital workflow is perfectly suited to the production of modern and durable retainers, whether for fixed or removable devices, as well as their long-term monitoring. The objective is not to decide on the superiority of one system over another, but to expose all the possibilities for adapting the digital tool to the orthodontist’s method of retention. The benefit of using digital technology is saving time and improving performance, minimizing unnecessary manipulation and improving device precision. Digital technology provides all the elements necessary to achieve new generation retainers both more simply, and for them to be more precise and more durable. These technologies are in constant progress and we can still consider improvements in the near future as software and hardware developments progress.