Zika virus is an emerging arbovirus of global importance. ZIKV infection is associated with a range of neurological complications such as the Congenital Zika Syndrome and Guillain Barré Syndrome. Despite the magnitude of recent outbreaks, there is no specific therapy to prevent or to alleviate disease pathology.
To investigate the role of P-MAPA immunomodulator in Zika-infected THP-1 cells.
THP-1 cells were subjected at Zika virus infection (Multiplicity of Infection = 0.5) followed by treatment with P-MAPA for until 96 hours post-infection. After that, the cell death was analyzed by annexin+/ PI+ and caspase 3/ 7+ staining by flow cytometry. In addition, the virus replication and cell proliferation were accessed by RT-qPCR and Ki67 staining, respectively.
We demonstrate that P-MAPA in vitro treatment significantly reduces Zika virus-induced cell death and caspase-3/7 activation on THP-1 infected cells, albeit it has no role in virus replication and cell proliferation.
Our study reveals that P-MAPA seems to be a satisfactory alternative to inhibits the effects of Zika virus infection in mammalian cells.

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