To evaluate the urodynamics (UDS) of patients with PoTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome).
Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of PoTS referred by the department of neuro-cardiology to the neuro-urology were identified and their UDS were retrospectively reviewed.
50 patients (47 = 94.0% female) with confirmed PoTS and available UDS were identified. Mean age of females and males was 32.4 and 28.2 years, p=0.15. ISC was being used by 15/47 (31.9%) females at assessment. Detrusor overactivity (DO) was observed in 6 females (12.8%) (all at end fill and associated with urgency). 14 (29.8%) females had no sensation of filling. No patients had an ‘unsafe’ bladder. 15/47 (31.9%) of women were unable to void with UDS catheters. Straining was reported in 22/35 (68.8%) of females. The female bladder outflow obstruction index (BOOIf) = PQ – 2.2(Q) was over 5 in 10/28 (35.7%) and over 18 in 5 (17.9%). The bladder contractility index (BCI) = PQ + 5Q was under 100 in 18/28 (28.6%) women.
The UDS of patients with ‘PoTS bladder’ often demonstrate a poorly sensate but stable and safe bladder with functional obstruction and impaired bladder contractility that may necessitate straining or ISC.

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