This study aimed to assess the quality of online resources pertaining to cannabidiol (CBD) for the nonoperative management of hip and knee arthritis.
Websites were identified on the three most popular global search engines using terms relevant to CBD, hip or knee pain, and arthritis. Websites were scored based on a 25-point scale regarding diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of hip and knee pathologies.
The initial search yielded 287 results, and 94 websites were analyzed after meeting inclusion criteria. The average Flesch-Kincaid reading level was 48, corresponding to a college education level. Mean website score was poor at 7.46 (SD 3.51) of 25 (29.8%). Websites published by physicians had statistically higher scores (P = 0.03).
Many online resources regarding CBD use for hip and knee arthritis are available; however, the readability is more advanced than recommended by the National Institutes of Health. Very few resources are sponsored by physicians or professional organizations, and many are overtly sales oriented. Patients should be counseled that the information available online on this topic is generally unreliable. Surgeons and professional health organizations should play a stronger role in providing balanced resources to patients regarding CBD use for hip and knee arthritis.