Silicon was once considered a biologically inert element, but recent research has shown its value for human health.Soluble silicic acid is the available form of silicon in human body. This paper reviews the absorption, distribution and metabolic characteristics of dietary soluble silicic acid in human body, as well as its relationship with human health.Available data show that it has lots of supporting evidences that dietary soluble silicic acid can prevent osteoporosis, maintain vascular health, improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.Its unique crosslinking ability and antagonism to toxic aluminum play a crucial role. In the early stage of human life, there is a strong demand for silicon, and the level of silicon in the aged is generally reduced, suggesting that pregnant women and old people should pay attention to the intake of soluble silicic acid. It is suggested to strengthen the basic and applied research on dietary soluble silicic acid,and gradually establish the relevant nutrition and hygiene standards.