A challenge of minimally invasive esthetic procedures (eg, injectables and threads) is managing adverse events (AEs), such as post-procedural bruising. Implementation of post-procedural camouflage therapy may minimize the appearance of bruising and mitigate AEs.
A physician and patient user experience program was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a concealer for the cosmetic camouflage of post-procedural bruising.
Thirty female patients with a mean age of 42.03 years participated in the program. Physicians and patients completed various questionnaires regarding the safety and efficacy of the investigational product (Dermablend™ Professional Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer) at three timepoints: Visit 1 (Day 0); Visit 2 (Day 3); and Visit 3 (Day 14 ± 3 days).
All patients presented with mild-to-moderate bruising following treatment with either esthetic injectables or threads. On average, users required 1.55 (SD: 0.72) coats to sufficiently cover their bruise(s). After application of the concealer, 78.18% of users displayed “clear skin with no signs of erythema” and 21.82% displayed “almost clear skin, with slight redness.” No physician-reported AEs related to product use were reported throughout the evaluation period. No allergic reactions upon application nor intolerance to the product after prolonged use (ie, up to 14 days ± 3 days) was observed. Throughout the duration of use, 98.81% of subjects were at least slightly satisfied with results. At Visits 1 and 2, 100% of physicians were at least slightly satisfied with results.
Cosmetic concealer use can ameliorate the post-procedural experience for patients presenting with mild-to-moderate bruising.

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