Assessment of nutritional status is gaining more importance in cancer patients because nutritional status is associated with response to chemotherapy, side effects of cancer treatment and disease progression. Several studies that were performed on patients with solid malignancies have shown the clinical significance of CONUT score (Controlling nutritional status).
Therefore we tried to show the utility of CONUT score in newly diagnosed Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) patients which is the most frequently seen B Cell Lymphoma type.
Data of the 81 patients diagnosed with DLBCL were retrospectively evaluated. The primary endpoint of our study was to evaluate and classify newly diagnosed DLBCL patients according to the CONUT score and secondary endpoint was to show any relationship with CONUT score and overall survival. Patients’ demographics, treatment details, stages, extranodal involvements, the presence of bulky disease, response to treatment options and overall survivals were evaluated from medical recordings.
Univariate cox regression analysis CONUT score was associated with overall survival (HR: 2.34-95% CI: 1.55-3.24 P = 0.040). On multivariate Cox regression analysis model CONUT score ≥5 was found to be an independent prognostic factor for overall survival (HR: 4.96-95% CI: 1.77-13.97- P = 0.002).
The value of obtaining nutritional status in cancer patients is underestimated and CONUT score is simple, easily applicable and in our opinion is going to fill the gap especially in DLBCL patients.