The aim: To conduct an analysis of the complex treatment of severe forms of rectal abscesses complicated by NF.
Materials and methods: The results of treatment in 471 patients with deep forms of RA was performed. In 38(8%) the spread of the process and rotten-necrotic affection of the perineal fascia. Patients were treated at the surgical clinic of the medical faculty №2, VNPMMU, and Vinnytsya Clinical Emergency Hospital in the period from 2010-2018.
Results: Total lethality 8(1,7%). Mortality in GF was 8(19,5%). It is worth noting the reduction of the treatment duration against the background of the modern technologies usage in the period from 2016 to 12 days in relation to the total figure of 15 days.
Conclusions: Early surgical treatment, adequate necrectomy, fasciotomy and antibacterial therapy stop the necrotic process. The active aspiration reduces the timing of wound cleansing and further ensures the accelerated implementation of reconstructive surgical interventions.