MONDAY, July 11, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Abbott Inc. has announced that it has resumed production at its infant formula plant, following a February shutdown over contamination concerns that triggered a months-long shortage of infant formula.

The Sturgis, Michigan, factory had restarted production earlier this summer, but had to close once again in mid-June because of damage from severe thunderstorms. Production of Elecare, a specialty formula for infants with severe food allergies, began after a July 1 reboot, according to the company.

Additional formula will be produced soon, Abbott spokesman John Koval told the Associated Press. “We are working to restart Similac production as soon as we can. We’ll provide more information when we have it,” Koval added.

Production first resumed in June with additional safety protocols after U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors closed it in February. The investigation had uncovered bacterial contamination, a leaky roof, and lax safety. The findings were discovered after the FDA began investigating bacterial infections among four infants who consumed baby formula. Two of the babies died, the AP reported.

Abbott has said its products have not been directly linked to the infections, which it noted involved different bacterial strains, according to the AP.

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