Charcot neuroarthropathy is a rare condition that often results in deformity of the foot and ankle, with a high incidence of ulceration and a high risk of amputation. Traditionally, treatment of the acute stages of Charcot foot has been nonoperative until consolidation. Still, a large number of patients develop deformities, and early operative treatment of unstable Charcot feet has been suggested. To overcome some of the inherent challenges when operating on acute-stage Charcot feet, the superconstruct technique has been proposed. Early surgery for dislocated Charcot foot is sparingly described in the literature. To investigate the utility of the superconstruct technique for acute midfoot Charcot, we planned a prospective cohort study including patients with midfoot manifestation (Brodsky 1) in the active stages of the disease. Patients eligible for the study were treated with open surgery and midfoot arthrodesis using the superconstruct technique. In this report, we present the development of periprosthetic fractures related to early surgery using the superconstruct technique, possibly causing a more proximal Charcot manifestation in 2 patients with >24 months of follow-up. To our knowledge, such complications have been sparsely noted in the literature.
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