Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) avulsion fracture is an uncommon entity, but it poses significant morbidity to patient’s knee and activities. A combination of PCL avulsion fracture with Segond fracture is rare and has not been described much before in known literature. In this case report, we present a rare case of a combination of these two injuries.
A 16-year-old cyclist who sustained left knee injury after a high-velocity fall while cycling. He fell with his anteromedial side of his left knee hitting the ground in flexion. After the fall, he felt excruciating pain and unable to bear weight. Examination revealed severe joint effusion, tenderness on posterior and lateral side of the left knee, no vascular injury and neurological deficit present. Radiographic examination revealed PCL avulsion fracture and Segond fracture. Five days after the injury, the avulsed PCL fragment and the lateral tibial plateau fragment were reduced and fixed with 3.5 mm cortical screw and washers. On the follow up, the patient stated that there is no pain on weightbearing position and after evaluated with Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS), the result is 90%.
Although the combination of PCL avulsion fracture and Segond fracture is rare, this pattern of injury could happen and could be considered when evaluating knee injuries.
Both fractures need to be addressed and managed adequately to restore knee stability and prevent early joint degeneration.

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