Weight gain in the first year following kidney transplantation increases the risk of adverse health outcomes. Currently, there is no recognized intervention available to prevent weight gain after kidney transplantation. An online kidney transplant-specific resource, entitled Exercise in Renal Transplant Online (ExeRTiOn), has been co-created by a multi-professional team, including patients, to assist with weight prevention. This study aimed to evaluate patient and health care professional usability and experience of the ExeRTiOn online resource.
Qualitative study utilizing ‘Think-Aloud’ and semi-structured interviews.
Participants (n = 17) were purposively sampled to include new kidney transplant recipients (n = 11) and transplant health care professionals (n = 6). Kidney transplant recipient participants were from a spread of physical activity levels based on scores from the General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPPAQ). ‘Think-Aloud’ interviews assessed the usability of ExeRTiOn. Semi-structured interviews explored participants’ experience of ExeRTiOn, weight gain, and physical activity. The data set were analysed thematically. Participant characteristics, including login data and self-reported body weight, were collected.
Data analyses identified valued intervention content and usability aspects which were summarized by two themes. The first theme ‘You need to know how to manage yourself’ included subthemes: (1) the resource filled a guidance gap, (2) expert patient content resonated, and (3) the importance of goal setting and monitoring progress. The second theme ‘room for improvement’ included subthemes: (2) web support and (2) content and operational change suggestions.
Results have allowed for identification of potential areas for resource refinement. This has facilitated iterative enhancement of ExeRTiOn in preparation for a randomized controlled feasibility trial.

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