To reevaluate the frequency and pattern of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) use in patients with fibromyalgia (FM).
Consecutive patients with FM who were referred to the Mayo Clinic fibromyalgia treatment program from January 5 through July 27, 2017, were invited to complete a survey about their use of CIM therapies in the preceding 6 months. The survey asked about 3 primary CIM domains: treatments and techniques, vitamins and minerals, and herbs and other dietary supplements. For direct comparative purposes, we reused the survey instrument from our prior analogous study of CIM use, performed in 2003.
Of the 310 patients who completed the survey, 304 (98.1%) reported using some form of CIM, similar to the percentage reported in our 2003 study (98%). The most frequently used CIM therapies in the current cohort were spiritual healing (54.0% [163 of 302]), massage therapy (50.0% [152 of 304]), chiropractic treatments (39.3% [118 of 300]), aromatherapy (39.0% [117 of 300]), exercise for a specific medical problem (38.6% [117 of 303]), melatonin (37.9% [77 of 203]), magnesium (36.3% [107 of 295]), green tea (36.1% [73 of 202]), and fish oil (34.5% [68 of 197]). We noted numerous substantial differences from the 2003 data in terms of the pattern of CIM use.
The use of CIM therapies among patients with FM continues to be extremely common for adult patients of all ages. Given the continued high prevalence of CIM use, health care professionals must have awareness and knowledge of these various modalities and their potential incorporation into a multifaceted FM treatment regimen.

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