To evaluate the effectiveness of home visits in a group of children and adolescents with severe asthma by using the inhalation technique score and adherence rates to drug treatment.
A 12-month randomized controlled trial involving patients aged between three and 17 years under regular follow-up treatment at a pediatric pulmonology outpatient clinic of a university hospital in southeastern Brazil. A group of patients received only outpatient consultations and the other group received home visits from nurses in addition to outpatient consultations. The differences between groups were analyzed through the outcomes of inhalation technique scores and treatment adherence rate.
Participation of 29 patients. In the intervention group, there was a statistically significant increase in inhalation technique scores (p<0.05) and elimination of critical errors between the first and the second evaluation, and results were maintained in the third evaluation. In the control group, there were no significant changes in inhalation technique scores. Rates of adherence to drug treatment in both groups did not rise.
Home visits were effective for improving inhalation technique scores in patients with severe asthma. Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials: RBR-8GZWZP.