To describe first clinical results in term of safety, complications and short term efficacy of temporary placement of UVENTA urethral stent in the treatment of urethral and bladder neck strictures.
UVENTA urethral stent (Taewoong Medical) is a temporary self expandable covered metallic stent. Anti-migration system and different radial force distribution are the two main innovations. This is a retrospective evaluation of UVENTA stent temporary placements for urethral diseases in two urological Centers.
15 patients underwent UVENTA stent placement between 2016 and 2018. Stent placement was easy and quick in all cases. Considering indwelling period: one patient reported urethral pain related to the stent in the first month, three patients had urinary infection treated with antibiotics; temporary stress incontinence was noted in 21% of bulbar-membranous stents; stent migrations was noted in 3 out of 4 bladder neck cases whereas no bulbar-membranous stents migrated. At removal no significant incrustation, stone or tissue ingrowth were noted, as well as new proximal or distal strictures. Stent removal was uncomplicated in all cases. Median follow up is 9.5 months (6-24). Considering strictures overall success rate is 73% (11/15): 82% for bulbar urethra (9/11) and 50% for bladder neck (2/4).
UVENTA urethral stent showed a satisfying safety profile with few and low grade complications. Absence of migration and damage on healthy mucosa are main achievements. Further cases are needed to confirm these results and to really explore its efficacy.