Baru, a Brazilian Cerrado native fruit, stands out for its high nutritional value. Considering that reports about its technological potential are scant, this study aimed to add value to the processing chain. For that, ethanol and isopropanol were evaluated in terms of their suitability to solubilize baru nut oil (BNO), extract baru nut cake oil (BNCO), and obtain a protein-rich defatted flour. The BNO solubility in alcohols was adequately described by nonrandom two-liquid (NRTL) parameters, and the highest solubilization capacity was achieved with absolute isopropanol. Alcoholic extraction did not affect the BNCO tocopherol content (80-112 mg/kg oil) or its fatty acid composition. Both protein solubility and thermal stability were negatively affected by solvent hydration, temperature, and contact stages. However, the materials exhibited adequate water and oil absorption capacities (3.5 and 1 g/g sample), as well as improved foaming capacity and stability, confirming their potential for use in several food formulations.
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