Despite being promising, the clinical application of magnetic hyperthermia for brain cancer treatment is limited by the requirement of highly invasive intracranial injections. To overcome this limitation, here we report the development of gallic acid-coated magnetic nanoclovers (GA-MNCs), which allow not only for noninvasive delivery of magnetic hyperthermia but also for targeted delivery of systemic chemotherapy to brain tumors. GA-MNCs are composed of clover-shaped MNCs in the core, which can induce magnetic heat in high efficiency, and polymerized GA on the shell, which enables tumor vessel-targeting. We demonstrate that intravenous administration of GA-MNCs following alternating magnetic field exposure effectively inhibited brain cancer development and preferentially disrupted tumor vasculature, making it possible to efficiently deliver systemic chemotherapy for further improved efficacy. Due to the noninvasive nature and high efficiency in killing tumor cells and enhancing systemic drug delivery, GA-MNCs have the potential to be translated for improved treatment of brain cancer.