This issue of the Biomedical Journal offers insights into the origin and consequences of different lymphoproliferative disorders and autoimmunity. Furthermore we learn about RASopathies, a group of congenital disorders that occur rather frequently. Then the current ELISA assays for measuring antibody avidity are critically examined, the relationship between female sex steroid hormones and cardiovascular disease is explored, and an assessment of persistent diarrhea as a leading cause of child death in India is performed. Additionally, there are several articles about COVID-19, presenting its connection to neutrophil recruitment and acute respiratory distress syndrome, as well as its relation to changes in the vascular glycocalyx. A COVID-19 case study from the emergency room is presented. We are also introduced to novel treatment approaches against COVID-19 like the construction of peptide-based vaccines, or targeting the respiratory tract microbiome. Finally, there is an assessment about how prepared medical students at a Taiwan University feel for independent practice, and another article about the treatment of intravascular large B cell lymphoma in a Taiwanese institution. Lastly, we discover possible surgery techniques in the case of external auditory canal osteoma.
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