To evaluate BreastSurgANZ members’ compliance at various threshold rates for 4 evaluable High-Quality Performance Indicators (HQPIs) introduced to improve patient care. To benchmark global best practice to assist in determining the eventual threshold standards.
BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit data 2012-2016 & 2018 was used to determine rates of attainment through a range of thresholds for 4 HQPI’s. Rates were assessed for different volume surgeons and comparison made to international standards.
1.3761 patients needing mastectomy for in situ disease, if the threshold rate for immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) was ≥ 40% then 30% of all members and 78% of very high-volume surgeons achieved that rate, which is comparable to international recommendations. 2.26,007 patients requiring mastectomy, if the threshold rate for IBR was ≥ 20% then 28% of all surgeons and 78% very high-volume surgeons met the standard. This is below most international recommendations. 3. For 31,698 invasive tumours ≤ 2 cm, if the threshold rate for breast conservation was ≥ 70% then 64% of all surgeons met the standard; 70% is comparable internationally. 4.1382 women =<50 years if the threshold rate for neoadjuvant chemotherapy was set at ≥ 15% then 36% of surgeons complied; 15% is below most international recommendations.
Even at these modest thresholds there are low levels of achievement by BreastSurgANZ members with high volume surgeons more likely to comply. These thresholds are either comparable or lower than globally accepted standards. Members should strive to meet, even exceed these important goals as they are a metric of improved patient care.

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