Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes disabilities that affect people in working age and can impair their working activity and quality of life (QoL).
To assess work activity limitation and QoL among RA patients and to explore the associated risk factors.
A cross-sectional study on 344 RA patients was conducted at the outpatient clinic using a number of standardized questionnaires including the Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index, Workplace Activity Limitation Scale, and RA QoL. Clinical examinations were also performed including the measurement of pain intensity, assessment of disease activity, and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Severity Scale.
Most of the employed participants (87%) experienced high work activity limitations. Increasing work limitations were significantly associated with a decrease in QoL domains scores. The most significant risk factors affecting work limitation by logistic regression were high disease activity, the severity of the disease, married females, and a high health assessment disability index among RA patients.
RA patients experience limitations that affect their productivity at work and their QoL. Paying more attention to early management to prevent the upcoming unfavorable health and economic consequences for RA patients is significantly important.