Fibromyalgia is a rheumatologic syndrome leading to increased pain sensitivity, sleep disturbance, fatigue, stiffness, and tenderness of joints, muscles, and tendons due to dysregulation of neurophysiological functions. In the present case report, a 42-year-old, non-Indian, nonsmoking, nonalcoholic, female presented with complaints of severe difficulty in walking, joint pains, and generalized loss of balance of the body. The patient was an established case of fibromyalgia. The treatment plan for the patient included 9 months of yoga therapy. No concomitant allopathic medication was given during this whole treatment period. The patient was given special yoga postures to improve flexibility and movement of joints, daily 1 hour, 6 days/week in the morning, and evening for 9 months. The muscle fatigue, quality of life and sleep was assessed at the baseline, 3, 6, and 9 month. The result of present case study demonstrated reduction in muscle fatigue and improvement in quality of life and sleep.
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