Ovarian cancer endangers the life of women worldwide. Plenty of lncRNAs have been found modulating the progression of ovarian cancer. Meanwhile, lncRNA DSCR8 (Down syndrome critical region 8) has been reported as an oncogene in hepatocellular carcinoma. In this study, we aimed to search the function of DSCR8 in ovarian cancer. qRT-PCR analysis assessed the expression of DSCR8 in ovarian cancer cells. EdU assay and colony formation assay was used to test cell proliferation. Flow cytometry analysis and TUNEL assay were conducted to investigate cell apoptosis. Wound healing assay and transwell invasion assay assessed cell migration and invasion. DSCR8 was significantly up-regulated in ovarian cancer cells. Inhibited DSCR8 could suppress the progression of ovarian cancer. Also, YY1 could activate the expression of DSCR8 in ovarian cancer cells. Meanwhile, DSCR8/miR-3192-5p/YY1 axis was identified in ovarian cancer cells. MiR-3192-5p could function as tumor suppresser in ovarian cancer cells. Furthermore, DSCR8 and YY1 (Yin Yang 1) transcription factor could play the regulatory network in ovarian cancer cells. In a word, YY1-induced lncRNA DSCR8 promotes the progression of ovarian cancer via miR-3192-5p/YY1 axis.
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