The signal recognition particle (SRP) system plays an imperative role in transporting the secretory protein to its intended location. The SRP pathway running in Mycobacterium tuberculosis constitutes FtsY (signal receptor), FfH (SRP) and 4.5S RNA in which signal receptor acts in the GTP dependent manner. In this manuscript, we are rendering the essential facts of FtsY with respect to mycobacterial growth. The growth study experiment showed that down expressed FtsY slowed the growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis mc 155 from the initial lag phase to stationary phase. Previously we have showed that GTPase activity of FtsY is metal ion dependent and showed the maximum activity with 10mM magnesium. The effect of Mg and Mn on mycobacterial growth showed that Mg didn’t affect the growth whereas higher concentration of Mn decrease the bacterial growth. After searching the inhibitor database, 14 GTPase and ATPase inhibitor Mac0182344, ML141, ITX3, NAV_2729, Br-GTP, Rhosin_HCl, Mac0182099, CCG_50014, CID_1067700, Mac0174809, Nsc_23766, Berberine, Nexinhib20 and EHT1864 were found to interact with FtsY. Further ML141 and NAV2729 found to decrease the enzymatic activity of FtsY as well as the mycobacterial growth. Therefore, the conclusive statement of the present manuscript can be stated as the FtsY plays major role mycobacterial cell survival and ML141 and NAV2729 can be used to constrain the SRP pathway. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.