The following is a summary of “Post-COVID-19 manifestations: A study of analyzing symptoms, complications following hospitalization,” published in the October 2022 issue of Primary care by Kaur, et al.

After COVID-19 recovery, illnesses and symptoms associated with it began to manifest. Therefore, for a study, researchers sought to examine and classify the symptoms that emerged after a coronavirus infection had been treated, examine the post-COVID-19 Manifestation, provide various symptoms or signs that manifested during COVID and after the illness had been treated, and examine the relationships between unrelated characteristics (such as age, sex, BMI, and comorbidities) and Post-COVID complications.

The investigation was carried out utilizing a cross-sectional study among COVID positive patients who were hospitalized and later recovered in the ICU and isolation wards of Bangur Hospital, Pali, Rajasthan, from March to December 2020. With simple random sampling, a sample size of 423 was determined.

The median age of these 421 COVID-19 patients in the study was 36 years (Interquartile Range: 26-55 years). At least one symptom of post-COVID manifestation was strongly correlated with patients’ age (P = 0.001), ICU placement at the time of COVID-19 positivity (P = 0.003), symptomatology (P = 0.009), and SPO2 level at the time of admission (P = 0.01).

There was a danger of problems following recovery. Thus, the recovered patients should be extremely cautious in maintaining and monitoring their health state.