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Mass. General Hospital on the Hot Seat | Medical Blog

"At a time when surgeons are experiencing intense scrutiny regarding complications, double booking cases at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country is troubling."

Baffling Deficiency of New ICD-10 Codes | Medical Blog

How is there a code for drowning and submersion due to falling or jumping from burning water-skis but not one for elevator injuries?

Two Ways to Deal with ED "Frequent Flyers" | Medical Blog

"He returned a third time that night. When he became aware of the man's presence again, a doctor entered his cubicle and punched him in the abdomen. The patient was not injured."

Surgeon Scorecard Thoroughly Dismantled | Medical Blog

Back in July, an organization called ProPublica released its Surgeon Scorecard, which attempted to give patients a way to compare surgeon performance. While the effort was well-intended,

Is there a Nursing Shortage or Not? | Medical Blog

"We predict that by 2025, there will be 'doing nurses' (DNs) at the bedside and 'charting nurses' (CNs), who will sit at nursing stations all day and document what the doing nurse is doing. "

State Medical Boards' Questionable Behavior | Medical Blog

A family physician was sanctioned by the Idaho Board of Medicine for prescribing an antibiotic over the telephone in 2012. The incident occurred while Dr. Ann DeJong

After Poor Outcomes, Neurosurgeon Arrested for Assault | Medical Blog

"He stuck a sponge in the hole in my esophagus and sewed me up."

Is the Surgeon Still “Captain of the Ship”? | Medical Blog

"I keep hearing that medical care has become a team sport. If that's true, then the surgeon, like everyone else, is simply a member of the team."

Woman Refuses Episiotomy, Gets One Anyway | Medical Blog

"This case is not about malpractice. It is about the right of a patient to refuse an intervention. While the doctor stood with scissors in hand, the patient can clearly be heard saying, 'Don’t cut me.'"

The Doctor Will Saw You Now | Medical Blog

"While the staff was frantically searching for a suitable instrument, a rusty hacksaw was found in a storage closet."

Surgeons Who Can’t Perform Open Surgery | Medical Blog

"There may be a movement afoot to start a Fundamentals of Open Surgery course. What is going on here? Do we really need to have a separate course to teach residents open surgery? Isn't that what a 'residency' is supposed to do?"

Alternative Medicine Docs Confused About Oxygen | Medical Blog

"How about we just take our oxygen the old-fashioned way—normal breaths and never intravenously?"

Journal Publishers’ Exorbitant Profit Margins | Medical Blog

"Before submitting any paper to an open access journal, authors should be sure they understand the fee structure and check Beall's list of predatory publishers, which has recently been updated and expanded."

Wisconsin Bill: Cameras in the OR | Medical Blog

"It is understandable that a family would want to do something positive in memory of their loved one, but is this proposed law the way to go?"

Do OR Checklists Improve Outcomes? | Medical Blog

"Before you go off on me, I will remind you that I do not oppose checklists, and most things we do in medicine are not based on Class 1 evidence. "

Do I Need an Annual Physical? | Medical Blog

"Show me the data to support the idea that getting to know patients better and having genuine interactions with them leads to better outcomes."

Should Radiologists Give Test Results to Patients? | Medical Blog

"The idea is that patient anxiety while waiting to find out a test result could be alleviated by an immediate discussion with a radiologist. That would be very nice, but there are potential problems..."

Obesity: A Disease, Disability, Both or Neither? | Medical Blog

They said the Americans with Disabilities Act was intended to help those who were disabled not by individual decisions, but rather were "victims of fate." It did not address the fact that many are disabled from smoking-related emphysema. Are they victims of fate or poor choices?

Should You Wear a Hazmat Suit When Operating an Elevator? | Opinion Article

"It may surprise you to learn that most of the bacteria found on elevator buttons and restroom surfaces can also normally be found ON YOUR HANDS!"

Distracting Electronic Devices Don’t Affect Learning. Really? | Medical Blog

"The null hypothesis was accepted as true, which is called a 'Type II' error by statisticians."

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