Asthma is one of the main intractable diseases recognized by the international medical community. The current widely used bronchodilators for asthma-β2-adrenal receptor agonists-have limited therapeutic effects, necessitating the development of novel antiasthma drugs with increased efficacy and fewer adverse effects. In this study, we investigated the relaxant effects and underlying mechanism of an ethyl acetate extract from dandelion (EAED) on mouse airway smooth muscle.
The effects of EAED on agonist-induced precontraction in mouse airway smooth muscle were evaluated with force measurement. Mouse lung slices were used to study the effects of EAED on bronchial smooth muscle. The intracellular Ca concentration was measured using a calcium imaging system. L-type voltage-dependent calcium channel (VDLCC) and non-selective cationic channel (NSCC) currents were measured by patch-clamp. The lung functions of healthy and asthmatic mouse groups were assessed via the forced oscillation technique.
EAED inhibits acetylcholine-induced sustained contractions of whole airway smooth muscle by inhibiting VDLCCs, NSCCs, and some unknown channels, reduces the agonist-induced increase in the cytosolic free Ca concentration in airway smooth muscle cells, blocks VDLCC and NSCC currents, and relieves the respiratory resistance of healthy and asthmatic mice.
EAED may have potential beneficial effects on mitigating asthma attacks.

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