Vibrant SoundBridge® (VSB), a semi-implantable middle ear device, is one of the treatment options for patients with mild-to-severe sensorineural hearing loss or mixed hearing loss. Herein, we report delayed device failure after VSB surgery in two patients.
In both cases, a revision surgery was performed for the removal of the device; dissociation of the floating mass transducer (FMT) and coupler was noticed in one patient, and dissociation of the FMT-coupler complex from the short process of the incus in the other. In Case 1, the vibration-like sounds disappeared after the surgery. In Case 2, wearing bilateral hearing aids improved hearing after removal surgery, but complaints regarding speech discrimination persisted. Both cases show the importance of not loosening the connectivity between the FMT, coupler, and short process of the incus during VSB surgery.
To our knowledge, there has been no report of dissociation from the short process of the incus or the dissociation between an FMT and the coupler.

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