No research has been done in New York City that shows the demographic characteristics of household contacts testing, evaluation, and treatment of LTBI. The objective of the study was to identify demographic factors associated with household contacts’ TB testing, evaluation, and LTBI treatment.
A retrospective analysis of the New York City (NYC) TB registry data that examined the factors (gender, age, country of birth, race/ethnicity, and borough of residence) associated with TB testing, evaluation, and LTBI treatment. The study sample included all household contacts of TB cases identified from 2010 to 2014 (N = 3,008). The data set was chosen when nurses were the primary case managers at chest centers in the department of health. Descriptive and inferential analysis was used to identify factors associated with testing, evaluation, and LTBI treatment.
The demographic characteristics of household contacts associated with testing, evaluation, and LTBI treatment were consistent with those of TB cases in NYC from 2010 to 2014. Those not tested, not fully evaluated, and refusing LTBI treatment were most often aged 18-44 years and were non-US born. Males were significantly more likely than females not to be fully evaluated. Among racial/ethnic groups, Asian and Hispanic persons were at higher risk of not being fully evaluated, and residents of Queens had the highest risk among the five boroughs. In multivariate analyses, age was a significant predictor of behavior, such that the older the person the less likely to get TB testing or to accept LTBI treatment. Non-US country of birth was associated with lower likelihood of being fully evaluated but more likely to accept LTBI treatment when fully evaluated, while Asian or Hispanic race/ethnicity was associated with higher likelihood of both behaviors.
Findings on age from this study will enable public health agencies and public health nurses to plan for effective strategies that will increase the number of household contacts who accept TB testing and evaluation, as well as the numbers who will accept and complete LTBI treatment.

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