The present work aimed, through a multidimensional analysis of a data set related to 76 asthmatic children (2-16 years), to their family, and to their antecedents, to establish typical profiles of children with asthma, combining similar or even identical characteristics. A questionnaire was presented to the parents concerning possible consanguinity, prematurity of the child, birth order, skin prick test results, presence of animals, indoor dampness, medical history, and cases of atopy among the children and their antecedents. The links between variables were first identified by means of chi-square tests. Ascending hierarchical classification (AHC) was performed to identify significant groupings. Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) was then carried out to focus on typical children profiles. The results showed a high frequency of bronchitis (86.9%), rhinitis (46.1%), and indoor dampness (64.5%). Family history (asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and atopic dermatitis) and various allergies (to drugs, to food, or other allergies in general) were present mostly in mothers (≈20%) with a slightly significant association between mothers and siblings (P=0.045) but not between fathers and siblings (P=0.41). The AHC highlighted two distinct groups, well discriminated: a predominant group with maternal antecedents and another of lesser significance with paternal antecedents. The MCA identified groupings, with positive modalities of variables, largely around boys and paternal antecedents with an impact on girls. This work allowed us to establish a typical profile of children who have developed (or can develop) asthma. They are children with a history of atopy and allergies, mainly of their mothers, who have contracted early bronchitis and probably rhinitis, and who live in an environment with indoor dampness and smoking.
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