Naturally-derived cosmetic product ingredients of both plant and animal origin are increasingly being included in product formulations in order to cater to consumer preferences. They may be an overlooked cause of reactions to cosmetic products in some patients with dermatitis.
To identify naturally-derived cosmetic product ingredients with allergenic potential (type I and type IV) and propose a cosmetic screening test series.
The study was conducted in two steps. The first step was a market survey using a non-profit application helping consumers avoid problematic substances in cosmetic products. The application contained 10067 cosmetic products that were label checked for naturally-derived cosmetic product ingredients. The second step was a literature search to examine how frequently the naturally-derived ingredients were described and related to allergic reactions in cosmetics or other topically administered products.
We identified 121 different naturally-derived cosmetic product ingredients that were included in at least 30 cosmetic products. In total, 22 ingredients were selected for a screening test series.
We propose a supplemental patch test and a prick test screening series with naturally-derived cosmetic product ingredients for patients with skin reactions to cosmetic products, aiming to identify a cause in more patients than is currently possible. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.