This study aimed to investigate the Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) / Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infection prevalence among looking healthy stray cats in Western Turkey by serologic and molecular-based tests. A total of 1008 blood samples from the stray cats were used in this study. All samples were tested for FIV antibodies / proviral DNA and FeLV antibodies / antigens / proviral DNA. The genetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of FeLV and FIV were carried out in this study. These cats also tested for Leishmaniasis and Toxoplasmosis previously. FIV Ab and proviral DNA detected in 25.2 % and 25.5 % of samples, respectively. FeLV Ab, Ag, proviral DNA positivity was in 45.2 %, in 3.3 %, in 69.7 %, respectively. The molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of the current FeLV pol gene and FIV gag gene performed. The molecular characterization for the pol gene of FeLV (enFeLV and exFeLV) among Turkey’s cat population was reported for the first time. The exFeLV pol sequences closer to the FeLV-A genotype, and the enFeLV pol sequences overlapped with other enFeLV. The current FIV gag sequences were clustered within the subtypes A, B, and C. The findings revealed FeLV subtype A and FIV subtype-A, subtype-B, subtype-C circulate among Turkish stray cats. Single and multiple co-infection positivity was found higher compared to previous reports.
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